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Welcome to my website!

Here - and in the book "The ice-free Greenland - from molecules to landscape" I share and discuss new results about changes within the ice-free part of Greenland. This includes  permafrost and landscape stability, the plant and soil contribution to the greenhouse gas budget, the preservation conditions of the cultural heritage, and the possible expansion of agriculture. We continuously become surprised by the complexity of processes, which is needed in order to understand how the ice-free part of Greenland may change in the future.


The ice-free Greenland - from molecules to landscape is a tribute to Greenland. The book is a tale of the ice-free landscape with a focus on how the bio- and geosciences in recent years have provided new, fascinating and surprising knowledge. The interactions between the climate and the Greenlandic nature are explored with an emphasis on the soil, microorganisms and plants.

My name is Bo Elberling. I have a background as a geologist and currently a professor in environmental biogeochemistry at Geosciences and Natural Resource Management at University of Copenhagen in Denmark. 

I hope this website is useful for you. If you have specific comments or questions, please write to me:

Book specifications

The ice-free Greenland – from molecule to landscape, second revised edition

© 2021 Bo Elberling and Gyldendal A/S, Copenhagen 

ISBN (English): 9788702338416

ISBN (Danish): 9788702288025

Pages: 258

Format: 31x29 cm

Text and photo: Bo Elberling
Layout: Carsten Egevang
Publisher: Gyldendal A/S

Publisher’s editor: Axel Kielland
Prepress: Narayana Press, Gylling

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